Updating the Fomu Bootloader

To update your Fomu, download the appropriate -updater dfu release from foboot.

  1. Download the board type-updater-v2.0.3.dfu file.

  2. Run dfu-util -D pvt-updater-version.dfu.

  3. Your Fomu will flash rainbow for about five seconds, then reboot and go back to blinking.

  4. To verify it has updated, dfu-util -l and check the version output.

This is an example session for updating a production board:

dfu-util -l
wget -O ~/Downloads/pvt-updater-v2.0.3.dfu
dfu-util -D ~/Downloads/pvt-updater-v2.0.3.dfu
sleep 5
dfu-util -l